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Getting Started: Mold RFQ Form

We make every effort to respond to inquiries as soon as possible. If your concern is immediate please call (610) 703-2389.

The goal is to provide you with the fastest and most convenient Mold Design (RFQ) experience as possible for your part or parts. Fill out this form to High light any features you expect in the Mold Design and Function of your New Tool. 

Here are a few cost saving suggestions and recommendations to make your quoting experience even faster:

Documents to include with your quote if possible

  • Legible prints for all parts with all features dimension-ed

  • All internal or company specific manufacturing specifications relevant to all parts included in the quote package

  • Any additional notes or requirements

  • Tapped or Molded hole call-outs (Metric, UTS, NPT, etc.)

  • Critical features (Bearing surfaces, Undercuts, Snap fits, etc.)

Recommended General Information

  • Call out Part Surface Finishes

  • Material Grades

  • Shrinkage Rate (If Known)

  • Lead times in as fast as 1-3 Days

  • MUD Units

  • V-Molds

If required please send your NDA or any critical file attachments to:

We will be in touch to discuss the project and make sure it is a good fit. After we confirm we can meet your needs we will return a signed copy of the NDA for your records.


Diversified Designs is proud to specialize in Mold Design/Tool Layout projects. We do not offer design services for high cavity projects.

Please be advised that we do not participate in bidding on projects.

Contact Us for more information.

Tell Us About Your Part(s):
NOTE: If you require a Quick NDA use this Link: NDA FORM

Part Name(s):

Rev Number(s):

Part Number(s):



If Not Stated on Print

No. of Cavities:

(Required for Quoting)
Part Data Format Available:
Upload a Document File Only
Mold Construction Thoughts:
NOTE: Tailor Your Mold Design with Your Options Below....
Moldbase Type?
Used For?
Cavity/Core Material?
Injection Type?
Runner Type?
Gate Standard Type?
Gate Special Type?
Ejection Type?
Cooling Type?
Special Features?
Extra Features?
Extra Services
Select Required Services
Tell Us About You:

Thanks for Submitting!

 NOTE: To receive a quote for your mold, you will need to enter an email address and upload a part drawing document or email model file(s) only to If you need assistance with creating any documents, we can refer you to our design engineers who can help model your part in 3D or create drawings from your cad model for you...

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