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1995-2000 Projects
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A Nameless Entity

For the first 2 years Diversified Designs was a nameless entity that started out by taking 2D Flat Technical Hand Drafted Paper Drawings and converting them to 2D AutoCAD, CadKey, and 2D Mastercam electronic models for several large companies. By 1998 a name was chosen and Diversified Designs jumped into the emerging 3D CAD scene with SolidWorks 1998, now converting previous 2D AutoCAD, CadKey and 2D Mastercam files to 3D Intelligent Solid Modeling Standards...

A Brief History in CAD

By the 1990's the PC was capable of the computations required by 3D CAD. In 1995 Solidworks was released, it was the first significant and affordable solid modeler for Windows PC Platform..

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2001-2006 Projects
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2D to 3D Solidworks

End of the 90's Diversified Designs discontinued using Cadkey and AutoCAD as its main design platform. We continued to convert 2D drawings to 3D electronic files but quickly saw a decline in the 2000's as more companies adopted 3D designing in house.


Tooling in House

2001 more focus went into Product Development, Mold Design and CNC Programming with Mastercam. By this time everything was in 3D and files were linked and quickly updated. A service was added by request from outside shops to offer 3D Machined Electrodes for shops lacking that capability, on-site programming was offered on occasion by request, however the service was discontinued due to liability concerns.

2002-2006 began by building Injection Molds in house. Outsourcing was reduced to gain more control over quality, repair and maintenance of the tools. 2005 Mold Flow was added as a Product Development service to aid in trouble shooting complex molded parts.

2007-2012 Projects
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Mold Work

After designing and building tools in the Injection Mold business since 1995, the coming years of 2007-2009 brought more job shop work and less product design and development projects. Mold design, mold work and repair continued to be steady, but change was in the air...


A Shift

More custom machining in steel and castings kept things busy, this caused a shift from tool building to more of a production manufacturing service environment. 2009-2012 brought a sharp decline in tool design and mold building to more repair work from tools being manufactured and imported from foreign shops. Having found it difficult to compete in the Large Mold-High capacity Tooling, Diversified Designs shifted it's efforts to smaller tooling like V-Molds and Master Unit Die Frames (MUD). These tools were better suited for small medical parts, low capacity and less susceptible to going over seas..

Steel Production Machining
2013-2019 Projects
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Prototyping Machining

During this era, Diversified Designs continued to focus on Prototyping to low batch production machining services. Early on machining steel, Brass, Aluminum and Injection Molded or Raw Plastics was our focus.


Production Machining

In 2014-2015 mold repair work and in house tool building was phased out due to a change in our economy. While tool sales were slowing down things were picking up in the production machining of Aluminum and Plastics..

2015 to Current times Diversified Designs offer prototyping to production machining in Plastics and soft materials like Aluminum and Brass, steel machining is kept to a minimum to prevent contamination when machining plastics. Tool design services are still offered but we no longer build or service tools at this present time. Product Design Assistance is available to clients we manufacture for, this keeps product changes or iterations implemented to the shop floor quicker..

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