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SERVICES (High Lights)

Engineering/Prototyping/Production Services


We offer consulting services at no cost to our customers that we manufacture for (We exchange design services for manufacturing rights). We use SolidWorks as our main CAD platform and MasterCam for CAM requirements. We can help design your products to be more manufacture friendly, legacy or existing parts can be reverse engineered and manufactured at Diversified Designs. Consulting with us for machined parts could reduce your product cost. We offer considerable array of machining capabilities including EDM services for manufacturing. It costs you nothing e-mail or to give us a call at (610) 703-2389. You will be glad you did.

1-2 Day Delivery on Parts


Some items we can manufacture in 1-2 days (If your order is on a VMI Contract/Kanban order) we will ship in 1 day. We will work ahead and make sure that we have the quantity that you require on stock and ship them in 1 day after you notify us.


NOTE: Orders are only good for one year and must be purchased within that year. If you do not use the order within the year you would be required to pay for them unless other arrangements are made.

Price Match


We are offer price matching on your machined prototype or production parts, just show us a valid quote form from your current supplier (Must be in the States) and we will review to see if we can meet or beat your supplier's offer either by price and/or delivery (Lead Times). Ask about our price matching policy.

Product Development Services


We can review your new product ideas in a confidential manner, if required fill out an NDA Form and upload your napkin sketch, or product drawing document. So, we can look at the many categories of design including ergonomics, functionality, manufacturing process or feasibility, cost of tooling/fixturing for manufacturing. No matter where you are in the design process, we can help you from start to finish in producing your product for market. Let us take your ideas from sketches to finished products.

MUD/V-Mold (Wedge) Tool Design Services


Whether you are new to plastics or have been designing in this arena for years, we can provide another set of eyes to review your part for ease of molding and tool cost reduction. We offer tool design assistance for your small tooling projects in MUD and V-Mold (Wedge) Tooling Applications. All of our mold designs will contain fully detailed drawing file package of all parts and model files associated to your tool project. If required or needed we also can provide electrode files or electrode machining (For Certain Applications). To get started please e-mail and upload your part drawing document and speed up our RFQ response time.

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Quotes within 24 hours Standard Delivery 1-2 weeks or less (Requires Cad files, Machined Surface Finish, No Plating/Painting.

Price Match: We can meet or beat most competitors. Ask about our price match policy.

They say "A picture is worth a thousand words"..


View our past projects, and work history. See for yourself if any of the projects relate to your possible needs.

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View our materials list that we use in aiding with your part material selection or availability for machining purposes and applications.

Note: Not complete use only as a guide...

Please be advised that we do not participate in bidding on projects.

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