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Project of the Week of 07/04/22

Project of the week is a Plastic Wear Plate that supports heavy loads and must be non-abrasive to its mating surfaces. This was originally made from Cast Iron with bonded UHMW-PE, and a bronze version was also used in past versions. This part is roughly 12-1/2" x 11-1/4" x 1-3/4" and is used in an outdoor industrial environment. We cannot mention what the bores are used for and for what application this is replacing. We are tasked with producing 25 pcs in Nylatron GSM Blue Nylon; customer will be conducting the destructive testing and comparing performance over its prior materials.

End Mills and Chamfer Mills will be solid carbide from Harvey Tool with standard High-Speed Drills and taps for the small bores. Large bores are done with a Criterion boring head with a carbide tipped boring bar. No special fixturing is required to hold this, but pressure from the vise must be light and verified from distorting the large bores. Part tolerance except the large bores is +/- 0.020 and a machine finish with chamfer edges is fine for this part. The large bores require an O-ring which require a finish to 63 Ra or better since it will be a liquid seal with a +/- 0.003 tolerance. These areas must be checked for deep scratches before and after machining. Nice project to start this week of 07/04/22. We would like again to thank our customers for allowing us to share our projects with people who value the manufacturing talent that is out there... If you have similar projects like this and would like to receive a quote from us, please reach out to us for further information.

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