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Why Consider Using Plastics for Your Part?

In this modern time Engineered Plastics are, wear resistant, flexible and have low coefficients of friction. Engineers for the past decades have been easily replacing metals with plastics. Some reasons for this switch to plastics vary from application to application, are friction, noise, a reduction in weight, longer part life and less maintenance requirements. This leads to significant cost savings for end users and OEM (Equipment Manufactures).

Scheduled maintenance for lubrication of the parts is reduced from less heat, less friction and cleaner when components are manufactured from Plastics. Cast iron is heavy and corrodes, Steel rusts, Aluminum is noisy and requires lubrication.

Reducing weight has increased lifting capacity while reducing the power required to drive many of the world's equipment. Plastic materials have improved the handling and assembly of large parts due to the reduction in weight. Plastic parts cause very little wear on the contact surfaces, an application for instance used today is a steel wire rope. When the metal pulleys were replaced with plastic pulleys or sheaves, the wire rope lasted 2 to 3 times longer than its previous metal counterpart.

Key Characteristics of Using Plastic Components:

  • Broad Chemical Resistance

  • Dimensional Stability and Weather Resistance

  • Excellent Fatigue Resistance

  • Excellent Price - Performance Ratio

  • Extended Part Life Due to Very High Wear Resistance

  • Good Sliding and Emergency Running Properties

  • High Mechanical Dampening Capacity

  • High Mechanical Strength, Hardness and Stiffness

  • Impact Strength Even at Low Temperatures

  • Low Weight, Easier Handling

  • Many are Self-Lubricating (Reduced Maintenance Requirements)

  • Mating Parts are Not Worn or Damaged

  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance

  • Reduction in Drive Power Required, Improved Lifting Capacity

  • Reduction of Equipment Noise and Vibration

  • Will Not Corrode and inertness

Finale Notes: When you see Food Processing Equipment, Conveyors or a Crane. Plastic Components are most likely in there. Bronze is expensive and often stolen for scrap, steels are heavy and wears there mating counterparts.

All statements, technical information and recommendations contained in this publication are presented in good faith and are, as a rule, based upon tests and such tests are believed to be reliable and practical field experience. The reader, however, is cautioned, that Diversified Designs does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and it is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of Diversified Designs products in any given application.

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