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From Prototype Thru Low Batch Production Capabilities...

From Design -Thru- Manufacturing Support...

"Whether you're an Entrepreneur or a Corporation we can offer a Service for you in the Raw Plastic Machining Arena".

Reduce your development time getting your Prototypes to Production ready parts and enter the market faster with our (DFMA)  Design for Manufacture Support.

We offer expertise through all stages of the process, including Product Design Development, Multi Design Iterations, Functional Prototyping Samples and Contract Manufacturing of Final Approved Part Runs.


If you know your annual usage requirements, send us a blanket order with release dates and we'll take care of the rest. VMI Contract option available .

This production strategy is good for families of parts or assemblies with low order quantities.  When employing this production strategy, initial lead times may be longer as we tool up for future orders.


Lot production is the traditional production strategy most clients think of when they think of production machining. VMI Contract option available.

You place an order for a quantity of parts, we’ll give you a lead time and produce the lot you need.  This production strategy is good if there is variable usage and you wish to maintain an inventory.

Note: Due to Customer Proprietary Works, Concepts and Requests, We can not Display our More Complicated Projects.

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