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Project of the Week of 05/20/14

Project of the week is a 10 Station Filter Docking Check Valve Distribution Manifold made of Acetal. This part is roughly 26" x 2-5/8" x 1-5/8" in size. This part is used to open, close and hold pressure ports when testing filter assemblies. Two distribution covers were also made (not shown). A Ketron PEEK version was also machined for a hot water version of this component. We machined 6pcs for testing and a total of 16pcs when all modifications where completed.

End Mills, Chamfer Mills and Special Form Mills were solid carbide from SGS Tool with standard High-Speed Drills, NPT Taps and Counter Bore tooling. Standard vises were used to fixture the part. Overall part tolerance was +/- 0.020 the machine finish with chamfer edges and machining marks for this part was expectable. All port tolerances were +/- 0.003 with a 63 Ra finish for the internal O-ring bores and channels for liquid sealing. Acetal parts remained fairly flat except for one that developed a slight twist, we assume internal stress (the raw stock was not annealed after rough cutting into strips). We would like to thank our customer for allowing us to share this project with people who value the manufacturing talent that is out there... If you have similar projects like this and would like to receive a quote from us, please reach out to us for further information.

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